Sofa Sheets - The Right Sheets For The Right Bed

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Sofa beds can be a headache to find sheets for. Have you ever tried to use standard sheets for your sofa bed? It can be a pain. They bunch, they shift, and they wrinkle and pop off. Not only do they make the chore of making your sofa bed more frustrating, but sleeping on a bed with poorly fitted sheets is unpleasant and frustrating for guests as well. There is nothing like sleeping over at a friend or relative's house and waking up wrapped in a sheet. Worse yet is waking up with your face scraping against the rough surface of a sleeper mattress. Sofa sheets are specifically designed to end these frustrations.

Sofa sheets come in a broad range of sizes and style choices. With a properly fitted sheet set on your sofa bed, not only is the task of making the bed less frustrating, but guests will not struggle with poorly fitted sheets. No scratchy mattress poking out, no getting wrapped up in sheets that popped off during the night, their rest will be more comfortable and peaceful. Imagine your guests never having another unpleasant night's sleep just because of the sheets on your sofa bed!

The best sofa bed sheets include both a fitted and a top flat sheet, with the flat sheet sewn to the fitted sheet to prevent the sheets from coming undone during sleep. Since sofa bed mattresses are not as thick or heavy as standard mattresses, their weight alone cannot hold a flat sheet in place while a person moves around in their sleep. As such, sewing the flat sheet to the fitted sheet allows the elastic in the fitted sheet to assist with keeping the bed made, even with the most active sleeper. With an all-in-one design such as this, your guests won't have their toes peeking out in the middle of the night, or sheets that end up on the floor by morning.

Sofa sheets and sheet sets are available through houseware companies. They offer thread counts from 200 to 1,000, as well as 50% and 100% cotton choices. If your sofa bed isn't a standard size, that's not a problem. We can custom make sheets to fit your bed's exact dimensions. Custom sheets for sofa beds are all constructed with the same flat sheet sewn to the fitted sheet design, so you don't have to sacrifice this convenience just to have sheets that fit your particular bed.
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Sofa Sheets - The Right Sheets For The Right Bed

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This article was published on 2011/02/04